Zelda Animation In The Works

2009-02-16 20:28:25 by Animattions

Hey guys, an update if anyone reads this :P

I haven't tried making a Legend of Zelda animation yet, so i'm currently in the progress of doing so, i'm unsure how long this will take me, but i have the charaters basic model down...so i have my own specific style which hopefully will go down well :)

I'm unsure of the story i'm going to use for it atm, so i'm currently brainstorming ideas, so i'll keep you all upto date!

Take care!


Zelda Animation In The Works


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2009-02-16 22:03:58

Sounds awesome! looking forward to seeing the finished product. please pm me if you have any updates.


2009-02-17 09:22:09

Thank you, i shall keep everyone who wants to be informed; informed :)

I also have my mascot animation coming out today, i felt i was in need of one so people know who i am...i hope NG likes it, it's very dry but my friends seem to like it :P