Legend of Zelda Parody Screenshots

2009-02-20 15:45:12 by Animattions

Hey guys thought i'd give you all a sneak peak with a few pics from my upcoming Legend of Zelda animation that should no doubtly be finished by Friday at the latest. If i manage to arange my time and work properly i should be able to get it done by Monday at the earliest....so stay tuned :)

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4 (NEW)
Screenshot 5 (EVEN NEWER)

Take care!


Legend of Zelda Parody Screenshots


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2009-02-21 17:40:05


I've added a new screenshot...remotely japanese-y :P


2009-02-22 05:36:36

Aye man looks cool.

Animattions responds:

Hehe :) thank you, i've just also added the title screen up too.

Can't wait to get this done!


2009-02-24 15:27:26

I'm very tired at the moment of a days hard work and trying to handle a overly-dominant girl hahah.

I think your Zelda cartoon will be a succes.

And I see you are actually stuyding to become a games animator ! You're choosing the life of an artist ! How awesome.