Legend of Zelda Parody Update

2009-02-27 12:07:49 by Animattions

Hey guys thought i'd keep you upto date on whats going down atm!

Originally i had the idea of making this animation about 1-2 minutes long filled it with connected gags on the legend of zelda series. My friends that have seen it so far are loving it and they want me to make it longer, so in hearing that i have tried to make it follow the story of Ocarina of Time alot more to make it look more professional and more of a rendition too :).

Originally i had the plan of releasing it today, but due to trying to extend it and make it more entertaining the release will be held back until it's completion. I'm unsure when i will properly release it but with how development is going on it atm, i can tell you it wont be much longer!

Stay tuned for more info and feel free to ask questions :D

Also here's another new screenshot:-
Screenshot 2

Take care!


Legend of Zelda Parody Update


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